FOG aims to create a space for a dialog and collaboration

Freitag 21.06.2024
Doors: 20.30 Uhr | Beginn: 21.00 Uhr

Vorverkauf: 15.00 CHF
Abendkasse: 20.00 CHF


With this series of events, FOG aims to create a space for a dialog and collaboration. With a special focus on Basel artists, FOG STUDIO offers emerging and established artists a platform where they can freely experiment and express themselves, inviting everyone to join this unprecedented mixture of sound art, experimental concerts and DJ sets. FOG Studio (2) will take place in collaboration with SudHaus on June 21st, starting at 20h30.

20h30 Doors
21h Tonton (Katherine Newton & Dino Georgeton) - Live-audiovisual performance
22h Jacob Eriksen - Live set
23h Marie Delprat & Roberto Maqueda - future_S, Live-audiovisual performance
00h Ben Kaczor - DJ-set

Sound-Art Program:
Different artworks by Stanislas Pili (Bern)
@Fumoir, SudHaus