Basilisk Deströyers and Tales of Wrath proudly presents

Freitag 01.09.2023
Doors: 19.00 Uhr | Beginn: 19.30 Uhr

Vorverkauf: 27.00 CHF
Abendkasse: 32.00 CHF


Basilisk Deströyers and Tales of Wrath proudly presents what might very well be the last Swiss Show for the mighty Pagan Altar!

Formed in 1978, this truly legendary NWoBHM outfit from Brockley is famous for their unique blend of Heavy Metal, Oldschool Doom and Occult Folky Hard Rock and had a deep impact on the storyline of heavy music in general. We are absolutely delighted to have them here in Switzerland one last time. Come to the rites and join into our choir: "This is the Age, the Age of Satan!"
And the pleasures are not stopping there, oh no! As a special treat we can announce the return of Oldschool Doom Supergroup "Lord Vicar" to our shores!
Formed by members of Illustrious names such as Reverend Bizarre, Saint Vitus and Count Raven, Lord Vicar are holding the torch of proper oldschool riffworship high like none other.
And who would be more fitting to open this magical night of hymns and heroes, than Swiss Heavy Metal Force "Megaton Sword"? Since their founding in 2018 they dedicate their spirit and soul to the power of Heavy Metals former glory. And who knows, maybe they'll soon be part of the illustrious pantheon of Heavy Metal Gods?